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Joey Mathews


Susanto Widjaja
Paper Cranes Productions


"The DP Slider is amazing! I never imagined I could get crane like shots from a slider. Easy to use, lightweight and durable. A great investment for anyone that wants to take their work to the next level."

David Perry
David Perry Films




"It's a constant challenge in the run and gun world of wedding filmmaking to create high impact moving shots in a matter of seconds. Sliders are the perfect tool to get incredible dolly shots, without a dolly. I've tried a few sliders and tracks out there and they all either get stuck during movement, or are too cumbersome to prep a shot with. DP Sliders are simply amazing. I've never had a more fluid shot and its the same quality whether I've been filming for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I need that type of consistency in the type of work that I do."

Matt Davis
Owner & Signature Videographer
Life Stage F I L M S



“These sliders are extremely well engineered and durable.  I love the portability and the fact that you get big time shots in such a compact tool.” 

John Moon
Northernlight Filmworks